I was looking around for over a year for the right business that met my needs. I came across a listing that Joe had which put me in contact with him. I have to say how well Joe presented the business and took the time to meet with me twice so I had a full understanding of the business along with setting up over 4 conference calls with his client. I was dealing with a lot of brokers through that year but none like Joe who returned your call with in the day and got all your questions answered right away. It was a real pleasure dealing with Joe through this entire process in buying this company. Murphy is very professional and truly understand the importance of customer service when handling their clients and helping both parties come to an agreement we both were confirmable with.

Christopher Breig

I had my business listed with another broker for a year and was disappointed in their communication with me and results. I contacted Joe and after the first call with him I realized I was defiantly with the wrong brokerage company before. I knew Joe would be the one to be able to sell my business for me because the things he was saying that the other brokerage company never did. He was more thorough with knowing the details and understanding the functions of my company and explaining the process to me in finding the right buyer. I truly wish I talked to Joe first because it would have saved me a year of wasted time with the other brokerage company. The thing I was must impressed with Joe is everything he told me he was going to do he did and because of him he found a buyer with under a month for my full asking price.

Robert Lobisi
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

I have known Joe since high school and contacted him after seeing him selling all those businesses I see posted on his Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

I told Joe what I was doing now and decided I wanted to own my own shop. I have to say things happen for a reason because Joe said you’re not going to believe this but I just got a listing two days ago which he didn’t even get a chance to list yet so I would be the first buyer looking at it. The store was exactly what I wanted! We met with the owner the next day and I bought it three weeks later!!

If it wasn’t for Joe I would not have my dream business that I always wanted. Thanks Joe!

Trevor Markowitz

Joe came to us highly recommended from past clients that had great experiences with his dedication to sell their business. We can say we had that exact experience with Joe as well. Joe kept us up to date constantly with the progress of him acquiring a buyer for our store. He even got a pre-qualification letter from the bank within an hour of us listing with him which made it that much quicker in selling our business.

Joe is not your average broker! Joe is someone you want on your side when it comes to representing you in all aspects of selling your business.

John McMonagle
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

This is my first business I was buying and was very nervous because I was leaving a job that I held for 20 years.

Joe helped me through my worries through the entire process since he too went through the same experience owning his first business.

It was always great to talk to Joe to make me understand the benefits that I would see in owning my own business vs. working for someone else.

I can say I am so happy that I bought my store because Joe was right, I just needed to believe in myself and trust myself that I can do it.

I have come back to Joe in looking for my second store already! Thanks Joe!

Richard Cosentino

We were referred to Joe by a friend that used him to sell their company and they could not have been more happy with Joe’s overall performance.

We too can say Joe was exceptional through the whole process and walking us through the entire deal from start to finish.

We were very grateful for his constant updates on buyer prospects he was dealing with and letting us know how things were going.

I would definitely recommend using Joe because of his constant communications with you through the whole process and also getting the job done quickly.

James Turner
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

My wife and I were referred to Joe by our attorney that said “if you want to get your store sold quickly I have the guy for you”. Well our attorney Tom Spadea was absolutely right about Joe getting it sold quickly but what we were most impressed with was how professional he was getting everything put together and the constant communication he kept with us. Joe kept us updated about our listing with him constantly so we would know what was going on. He got our store sold under 6 months and did a fantastic job! Thanks Joe!

We would definitely refer him to anyone that needed a top guy like Joe to sell their business.

Bryan Clay

We came to Joe in search for the right business and life style my wife and I wanted to have. I was so impressed with the time Joe took with both of us to meet and sit down and take the time to listen to what we had the most interest in. I can say we talked to 3 other brokers that didn’t even want to bother with us….their loss! Joe was able to relate to us since he himself has owned over 21 retail businesses. So with Joe’s extensive background and experience he was able to connect us with our first business.

We thank Joe for his time and patience with us to find our American DREAM!!

Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

I’ve known Joe now for over 10 years. He has seen me franchise my concept out and always kept in touch with me through the whole process. When it came to selling some of my corporate stores I knew Joe was the guy to represent me since I know how aggressive he is in finding buyers for his clients. Well…the first one I gave him he didn’t even have to list it because he had a buyer right away he knew would want this business. To say the least we settled within a month! I also gave Joe 2 other stores to sell for me and he found buyers within a month already…this guys on fire!! Joe’s proof is in all the businesses he is selling and his passion to help his clients sell their business….it shows!

As a Franchisor I look forward to working with Joe and having him representing me in selling my corporate stores and any resales from my franchisees.

Tony Altomare

After trying to sell my business myself for over a year and not getting any buyers I decided to hire a broker.

I interviewed 2 other brokers besides Joe. I’m very pleased with my decision going with Joe because he was able to find the right buyer for me within 4 months.

I went with Joe because of how well he presented himself, experience, communication, positive testimonials, and his drive and passion that you can see he has for selling a business.

Jeff Shaedle
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

I came to Joe not knowing what kind of business I wanted to own. A friend that dealt with Joe before recommended I meet with him since they had a great experience and a lot of wonderful things to say about him. I explained to Joe what I was looking for in a new life style I wanted to have with my family giving me more freedom with my time but owning a business. Within a week Joe found exactly what I wanted and couldn’t believe he pinpointed it after only meeting with me once and listening to everything I had to say. After we decided to buy the business Joe handled everything for us with the seller and did the closing.

We highly recommend using Joe to anyone that wants a hard working broker that listens and gets the job done for you. Thanks Joe!! –

Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

Hiring Joe was the best thing for me since I could not be around to deal with the sale since I travel and work a lot. Joe came highly recommended by a few of his past clients so I knew he was the right one for me to get the job done. Joe handled everything for me right from the start and the only thing I had to do is show up for closing. I was extremely impressed that throughout the whole process Joe communicated with me to let me know what was going on with my sale at all times.

I strongly would recommend using Joe for the sale of your company if you want a broker that communicates with you well and gets the job done fast.

Michael Marturano

We first contacted Joe to help us find a business that met our needs. Joe sat down with us and took the time to listen to what our backgrounds were and interest that we were looking for in a business. Within a week he brought us three different businesses he believed we would enjoy owning after talking to us in our meeting. I was so impressed because we loved all three of them! Joe helped us narrow it down to the one we felt most comfortable with. We dealt with two other brokers before Joe and none of them agreed to meet with us face to face to find out more on who we are and our interest were. The other brokers just blew us off but we were serious buyers.

I would strongly recommend Joe because he really takes the time to listen to his clients and understand them before suggesting anything.

Dana Coles
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

Since this was our first business ever buying we were so glad to have Joe helping and guiding us through the whole process. From securing a loan, getting all documents together and taking it to closing Joe was a one stop shop for us. We can’t thank Joe enough for the long hours and time with us to get this to the closing table.

Joe was outstanding and definitely went above and beyond his duties to help get us to the finish line. Joe’s team was great through this process and we would strongly recommend Murphy to anyone looking to buy a business.

Michael Colleluori

Bill Bunting stuck with me through the whole process of selling my business and even helped me dealing with my staff at my store. He really went above and beyond his duties to make sure I was able to sell my store since I was going through a tough time since losing my husband. Joe was able to be a big help as well since he had a great relationship with Philly Pretzel Factory already.

I would strongly recommend using Murphy to anyone looking to sell their business because these guys truly care about their clients and being there for you throughout the whole process.

Genice McDade
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

Joe stuck with me the whole way through the ups and downs I was having with selling my store. Joe worked with the franchisor to make sure everything was moving forward and smoothly to get me to the finish line.

I can say it was not easy but Joe pulled it off for me!

Al Amato

After hiring Joe he was quick to get our listing up and start finding us buyers. We had a great working relationship with Joe who kept us updated all the time on new buyers that were interested in our store. Once Joe found the right buyer and we accepted the offer, Joe had it closed under 30 days. The process with Joe was very smooth and easy.

Joe is a person that you want on your side when it comes to selling your business because he is quick, a great negotiator, very knowledgeable and gets the job done very professionally.

Matt Hopkins
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

This is the second business we bought from Joe and we can’t say enough on how pleased we are dealing with him through this whole process. Joe has been by our side from the very start of us looking into different businesses down to the closing table and making the deal work for both parties.

The thing that impressed me about Joe the most is he seems to be working 24/7. If I text Joe either at 5am or 10pm he would respond to me and answer any questions I had for him right away no matter the time of day. Joe kept in contact with us after buying our first business which led us to buying our second business since he e-mailed me and said he had a perfect business that would complement the one he sold us under a year ago. So say the least we looked at it and Joe was right so we bought it within 30 days.

We’re sure glad we met Joe because of him we are now in two very successful Franchise businesses we love to run. Thanks Joe!


“After owning our business for 56 years we could not have been happier dealing with such a caring guy as Joe. It was extremely emotional for us to let go and Joe knew this the whole time. Joe helped us through the whole process with ease and found us a buyer within 6 months that we felt very comfortable passing on the torch too.

We are very grateful for Joe in his hard efforts to find us a buyer quickly so we both can retire now!! Thank you so much Joe!!”

Arlene and Ed Felicion
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

“Joe, Dan, and Russell from Murphy Business and Financial Corp. made this deal happen. It was great having three business brokers working for us to make sure this deal got done. My wife and I would highly recommend Joe on his ability to sell anyone’s business because he truly cares on getting the job done, even if that means co-broking the deal. We were both impressed on how fast they found a buyer to purchase all three of our stores for cash within 6 months.

Joe’s constant communication through the entire process was A++.”

Evan and Jennifer Frisch

“The sale of our ACE Hardware store business would have never happened without Joe. We are so glad we hired him. Joe handled dealing with both attorneys and making the deal stay on track. As Joe promised he was there for us from start to finish and even took my multiple late calls at night when I was panicking about the deal falling apart.

I would highly recommend Joe to anyone because of his outstanding service he provides along with his dedication to get the deal done.”

Andrea Rupp
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

“Joe did a phenomenal job dealing with the franchisor, landlord and attorneys to make this deal go through. He stayed in touch with everyone every week until it all came together for us. Joe especially had to be creative with the structure of this deal since the landlord would not allow the buyer to extend the lease right away. He certainly thought outside the box to make this deal happen.

We are very pleased with the performance that Joe has provided us.”

Grace Gan

Joe came to us recommended by another client that used him. He spend a lot of time with us to better understand how our business operated. I can say Joe was very impressive on how he represented us and brought in another agent of his Jessica to help sell our business even faster.

They handled the process from start to closing very smoothly making sure both parties were communicating so we could get to the closing table faster since I had health issues. I can say if you're looking for a broker that truly cares about his clients and doing whatever it takes to get you to the closing table, then Joe and his team are the right fit for you. Thanks Joe and Jessica!

Michelle Baskin
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.
Joe Chiarello with Satisfied Customer.

Within six months Joe found us a cash buyer for our business. When we were getting close to closing the buyer got cold feet and backed out. What we were most impressed with is within a month Joe had another cash offer and for much more than the first buyer we had! As you can imagine we were so happy now that the first buyers got cold feet. Joe was able to fast track the sale and get us closed within three weeks. You can tell that Joe never gave up during the whole process and was still entertaining other clients just in case the first deal fell through.

I would strongly, strongly recommending using Joe when you want a very professional broker to get the job done for you.

Robert DiGiacomo

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